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      Sanyuan plastic packing machinery co.,ltd.
      Ruian Sanyuan plastic packing machinery co.,ltd. with advanced technological equipments, tremendous technical strength, rich manufacturing experience and reliable product quality, our company can develop new products through cooperating with relevant scientific and research units, universities and institutions and provide equipment, technology, raw material and overall for the enterprises engaging in producing various plastic bag products.
      ABOUT US
      • Sanyuan plastic packing machinery co.,ltd.
      • Address: NO.21 Heping Road,xiawan Industrial zone,jinhu street,ruian
      • P.C.:325200
      • Tel:86-577-65876600,86-577-65878855
      • Fax:86-577-65876899
      • Web:www.sy-pm.com
      • Email:machine@sy-pm.com
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