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      •        Qingzhou Yongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise combining professional design, production, marketing and installation; specialized in ventilation cooling, heating, humidification equipments, and stockbreeding machine equipments. Our company executes international quality standard strictly on production and testing, and our products have reached international advanced level, which created a solid basis for the innovation and development of our company.
               Our company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Qing zhou, Shandong Province, a developing city with long history.
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      Qingzhou Yongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.   
      Tel: 0536-3521678 13506497723    Fax: +86-536-3521678   
      No. 1377 Wangfu North Road, Qingzhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong
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