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      Foshan City Shunde Jingyi Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Formerly name as Foshan City Shunde Kedi Engineering Control Equipment Co.,Ltd)
      is a set of production and research in one business. JINGYI mainly produce the paint tinting equipments and computerized multihead weigher and other relative food weighing and packing equipments.

      In the field of paint tinting equipments, we have the paint dispenser, clamping paint shaker, gyroscopic mixer, fast shaker, paint can grand device, and paint can hole punching device.

      In the field of food weighing and packing, we have the computerized multihead weigher, Z bucket conveyor, working platform, vertical form fill packing machine, discharge conveyor, rotary table, metal detector and check weigher.

      Most of the products are CE approved, we have sold them to many of the world countries: Italy, France, Uk,Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and so on.

      JINGYI base on KEDI, our good team will serve our old and new customers with better quality products and better service.


      Foshan City Shunde Jingyi Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd

      Address:NO.21 Fenyang Road, ShiBan Village, Lunjiao, Shunde, Foshan City

      E-mail:lisusan2020@163.com   susan20110304@163.com
      Mobile/ Wechat: +86 13928261599
      Tel: +86-757-27888789 or 27888168
      Fax: +86-757-27888388

      CopyRight©Foshan City Shunde Jingyi Intelligent Machinery Co.,Ltd.   
      Address:NO.21 Fenyang Road, ShiBan Village, Lunjiao, Shunde Powered By : shundeit.cn
      E-mail:lisusan2020@163.com susan20110304@163.com Tel: +86-757-27888789 or 27888168 Fax: +86-757-27888389
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