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      TEL: 0593 6995888 / 6995333 / 6995006 E-MAIL:sales@brtdj.com


      Established in 1988, FUJIAN BROTHER ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer towards global market, integrated with research, production and sales, the company has been leading technology for a long time and obtains good reputation, products covers 25 categories, over 800 models,mainly including Alternator, Diesel Generator, Gasoline Generator,  solar energy storage power supply and other power electronics.

      Brother’s Diesel generators have been successfully applied to THE YONGTAIWEN and THE QIANGZANG railroad building site, HANGZHOUWAN bridge building site National Large Scale Projects.

      Low-noise, low emission and high power brother’s gasoline generator set is domestic initiate, having been selected for Capital National Day parade supporting power and Military Power purchase.

      Composite and brushless synchronous brother’s alternator load feedback enhanced compound exciting device, it has excellent transient state and overload performance that is much better than other brand similar alternator. Its sound reputation in China.

      Since 2009, brother’s company is committed to research and develop new energy sources , it developed a high security , high-performance and environment friendly lithium iron phosphate ...



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