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    3. 色青网  Powder & Granule
    4. 暖暖的日本社区视频  Tablet / Pill
    5. j|zz亚洲国产  Hard Capsule
    6. 上原亚衣ed2k  Softgel
    7. 色即是空 电影 2002  Liquid Preparation
    8. 日韩男同gay片  Ampoule
    9. 护士japanesevideos  Vial
    10. 灯草和尚国语  IV Solutions
    11. 我受不了了好想被狂躁  Bottle Counting Packaging
    12. 韩国大尺度疼到大叫吻戏视频  Straight Tube Packaging
    13. 五十度灰 ed2k  Blister Packaging
    14. www.caoliushequ.com  Cartoning Packaging
    15. 中森玲子  Pouch Bag/Sachet Packaging
    16. 美国派在线观看  Can Packaging
    17. 去就色  Labeling
    18. 美女视频黄是免费  Soft Tube
    19. 男人的天堂在线视频  Suppository Solutions
    20. 第四色婷  Pure Water Solutions
    21. 亚洲综合最新无码2020日韩  Laboratory Instruments
    22. 我和邻居  Inspection Machine
    23. Solid Pharma
    24. Liquid Pharma
    25. Semisolid Pharma
    26. Pharma Water Treatment
    27. Pharma Packing Solution
    28. Laboratory Instruments
    29. 暖暖爱视频在线观看




      Solid dosage include tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, powders, granules, etc.
      Tablets, capsules and other solid preparations have the characteristics of accurate measurement, uniform content, stable properties, convenient carrying and transportation, high degree of mechanization, large output, and ease of taking. Therefore, it is one of the most widely used dosage forms in modern pharmaceutical preparations.




      Liquid preparations mainly include large infusion bags, large infusion bottles, small-dose injections, glass & plastic ampoules, vial preparations, etc. The drugs are dispersed in the medium in the form of molecules or particles, with large dispersion, fast absorption, and rapid development. Medicinal effect. The production process can be divided into: water production, extraction, filtration, liquid preparation, filling, sealing, sterilization, light inspection, packaging, etc.




      The most common semisolid products are paste and suppository. Paste product are generally packed in soft tubes with tube loading and paste filling machines.
      Suppository is solid at room temperature and quickly soften and melt or dissolve in the secretion at body temperature to  gradually release the drug.




      The types of pharmaceutical packaging mainly include the following types: Blister packaging is divided into aluminum-plastic packaging, aluminum-aluminum packaging, paper-plastic packaging, etc. Plastic bottle packaging mainly refers to the packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles, composite tube packaging, and box packaging. ,Labeled packaging, pouch packaging, etc.




      The types of auxiliary equipment for pharmaceutical production mainly include water treatment equipment, quality inspection equipment, laboratory equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Production equipment includes: reverse osmosis equipment, distilled water equipment, pure steam generator, lamp inspection machine, leak detector, spectrophotometer, liquid chromatograph, solubility meter, hardness meter, etc.




      Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd (SPM) is one of the members of China Pharmaceutical Equipment associate. We are specialized in designing pharmaceutical machineries. We have strong technical power and advanced and absorbed the technical essence from abroad constantly. With the help and cooperation of researching institute and designing institute and above all, specialists from pharmaceutical industries, food industries and chemical industries, our company offers the new generated machinery products, which fully comply with GMP requirements.



      SPM was funded in 2003, with the head office located in the global technology center Shanghai, China. The factory located in one of the eight ancient town Fengjing in Shanghai.
      • Over 20 years’ experience
      • With good business credibility from home and abroad
      • Office plan in five continents
      • Provide reliable and quality products to clients worldwide




      SPM is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of pharmaceutical machineries from solid production, liquid production, packing machine with precise engineering.
      • Over 30 patents in R&D team
      • Over 10 people in R&D team
      • Professional laboratory and R&D center
      • Full quality management& self-inspection system




      Great customer feedback for high quality machines and innovative solutions. Main product including capsule filling, tablet press, aseptic filling and so on.
      • Provide full solutions to different applications
      • Customized services for VIP customers
      • 24/7 service team for minimal downtime
      • Trustworthy after service assistance



      More than 20 years of professional experience

      • SPM has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of pharmaceutical machinery, and has undertaken dozens of well-known project engineering cases all around the word.
      • Out of research and understanding of major pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, SPM provides customers with personalized solutions.
      • SPM have already successfully set up projects in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Europe complied with local norms and regulation such as WHO, GMP, USFDA, PICS, MHRA, TGA and EU GMP.
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