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            We, Zibo Shipmate Marine Equipment Co., ltd., are specialized in ship equipment for 20 years, we are dealing with ship equipments as follows: Propeller, Propeller shafting, Rudder shafting, Steering Gears, Ship Crane, Anchor, Chain, Windlass, Winch, Capstans, Mooring ropes& fittings, Door, window&cover, Pump, Steel Pipe, Valves, Fan&ventilatior, Public Address system, General Alarm System;We have very good quality management and assurance system, and we do every running test before the factory delivery; also we provide the installation commissioning service for the customers overseas.We always regards customer as our ‘feeding parents’, and we try all our best to supply customers of the best quality products with lower price; 'Customer is God’ is our business creed; Our response and feedback to customer is quick and efficient, no matter price inquiry or after-sales service requirement; Until now, we have established long-term cooperation with over 20 cusotmers domestic and overseas,  from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Europe.

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